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Sometimes life can squeeze in on us. Whether it's health or medical issues, sick children that require you to stay home, business trips, tight schedules, car trouble, distance to services, or any number of other can get in the way of self care. And when you get down to it, that's what counseling is, an element of self care. While face-to-face in-office counseling is preferred, and more appropriate in some cases, Cornerstone offers telehealth services to North Carolina residents to help you overcome barriers to getting the help you want.

What is Telehealth Counseling?
Telehealth is video counseling using a computer, tablet/ipad, or
phone instead of face-to-face in-office counseling. A cloud-based
platform is used to deliver counseling services over the  internet.
Telehealth is also called internet counseling, online therapy,
telemedicine, or distance counseling. It is confidential and HIPPA
compliant, using a secure videoconferencing platform specifically
designed for such services. 

How Does Online Counseling Work?
Your insurance policy could include telehealth as an alternative to coming to the office. So the first step would be for you to check with your insurance company to see if they cover telehealth; many do at this time. Cornerstone uses a HIPPA compliant platform that is secure and assures confidentiality. Your technology, that is, the device you would use to videoconference, would need to allow for high quality of video and audio transmission. To use the videoconferencing platform there is no sign up required by you, but you will be prompted to download the app on your first visit so be sure to give yourself a bit of time to do so prior that session. Specifically, your therapist emails an invitation link to you, and at the time of the scheduled appointment you click on the link and follow the presented steps to enter the meeting or virtual waiting room.

                                                                                          Is Telehealth Counseling Confidential?
                                                                                          Yes.  Cornerstone uses VSee, a telehealth platform that is HIPPA compliant                                                                                            and secure and is specifically designed for telehealth. The same laws of                                                                                                  confidentiality apply to telehealth counseling as to any other type of                                                                                                        counseling, so you are not compromising confidentiality by engaging in                                                                                                  telehealth sessions.

                                                                                          What Kind of Clients Can Use Telehealth Counseling?
                                                                                          Adults and older adolescents are typically better suited for telehealth                                                                                                      counseling since children are often better engaged with tactile                                                                                                                  activities in sessions. If a you are having thoughts of suicide, or your daily functioning is seriously impaired by symptoms, telehealth is not considered appropriate. In these instances in-office counseling would be more appropriate to ensure your safety and care.

How Do I Get Started?
If you are interested in setting up an appointment or finding out more about our telehealth services for North Carolina residents, please call us at 336-540-9400.  We would be happy to answer any questions you have. 
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          CORNERSTSONE PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES - 2711A PINEDALE ROAD, GREENSBORO, NC 27408 - [P] 336.540.9400 - [F] 336.540.9454

      CORNERSTONE PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES - 2711A PINEDALE ROAD, GREENSBORO, NC 27408 - [P] 336.540.9400 - [F] 336.540.9454

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